Math 2142 (Advanced Calculus II)

Section 1

Spring 2018

Instructor Reed Solomon
Office 435 MONT

Office Hours

My office hours are Wednesday 12:15-2:00 and Thursday 1:15-3:00. However, I am around the Math Department in Monteith almost every day, so if you cannot make those times, you can stop by my office or send an email to request another time.


The syllabus is here. The textbook for this course is Calculus Volume 1 by Thomas M. Apostol. The grading will be based on 40% for homework (roughly weekly and typically collected on Friday), 20% for each of the two midterm exams and 20% for the final exam. The midterm exams will be in class on Wednesday February 28 and Wednesday April 4. When UConn announces the time and place for our final exam, I will post it here as well.

UConn Policy Statement on Final Exam Scheduling: Final exam week for Spring 2018 takes place from Monday, April 30 through Saturday, May 5, 2018. Students are required to be available for their exam during the stated time. If you have a conflict with this time, you must visit the Dean of Students Office to discuss the possibility of rescheduling this exam. Please note that vacations, previously purchased tickets or reservations, social events, misreading the exam schedule and over-sleeping are not viable excuses for missing a final exam. If you think that your situation warrants permission to reschedule, please contact the Dean of Students Office with any questions. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Students with disabilities: Please contact me during office hours (or come by my office at another time) to discuss academic accommodations that may be needed during the semester due to a documented disability. If you have a disability for which you wish to request accommodations and have not contacted the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD), please do so as soon as possible. The CSD engages in an interactive process with each student and reviews requests for accommodation on an individualized case-by-case basis. The CSD is located in Wibur Cross Room 204 and can be reached at 860-486-2020 or at Detailed information regarding the process to request accommodations is available on the CSD website.

Homework Assignments and Announcements