Mathematics 1070 Mathematics for Business and Economics

Fall 2008
Instructor: Alan Stein



Meeting Times

Section 31 — MW 8:00-9:15AM
Section 32 — MW 9:30-10:45AM

This class will not be held on October 1 (Rosh Hashanah) and October 13 (Professor McGavran's daughter's wedding).


Finite Mathematics & its Applications
By Goldstein/Schneider/Siegel
Prentice Hall

Listserv Mailing List

The class has a listserv mailing list set up. The name of the list is WMATH1070-L and it is hosted on Every member of the class will be automatically signed up for the list upon filling out the Student Information Form and is expected to participate in the discussions.

Posting a Message to the Mailing List

To post a message to the mailing list, simply address it to Other than that, it may be handled in the same way as any other email message. Responses will automatically go to the entire list. If you want a response to go only to the instructor or some other individual, make sure you modify the header of your response.

Notes for This Course


There are a number of sets of Notes for Students available. The following sets of slides specific for this class are also available. Each set is available in a normal size text format as well as the slides used in class.

These slides will be created as the semester progresses.

Rates and PercentsNotesSlides
Strategy for Solving Word ProblemsNotesSlides
Lines, inequalities and systems of inequalitiesNotesSlides
Systems of linear equations: substitution and elimination; matrices, pivoting, Gaussian eliminationNotesSlides
Linear ProgrammingNotesSlides
Combinatorics: Cardinality, Inclusion-Exclusion Principle, Fundamental Principle of Counting, Combinations and PermutationsNotesSlides
Roulette, probability, random variables, mathematical expectationNotesSlides

Problem Sets, Quizzes and Examinations

There will be approximately three hour long exams during the course of the semester and a comprehensive final exam at the end of the semester. The exams will be announced at least two classes beforehand, and will probably be announced even before that on the class mailing list. There may also be some graded problem sets during the course of the semester. Each problem set will be worth 50 points. Specific policies regarding the completion of problem sets are available elsewhere on this web site.

It is important to note that each set will have a due date. It is permissible to submit completed sets prior to the due date; no sets will be accepted after the due date.

Optional Problem Set/Exam

This problem set/exam is optional for those students who have submitted both in-class exams this semester. For those students, if they choose not to submit this problem set, their average will be computed based on their other work. For students who submit this problem set or who missed either in-class exam, this problem set will be treated in the same way as a regular exam.

Problem Set — Due Wednesday, December 3 — Solutions

Group Projects

The first group project involves comparing an annuity to a lump sum payment. A Team Performance Agreement is due Monday, September 22 and a final report is due Monday, October 6.

Annuity Project

The second group project involves setting up the mathematical model for a linear programming problem. The project report is due Monday, December 1. It is strongly recommended that the various groups bring drafts to either the Writing Center or the instructor well in advance of the deadline.

Linear Programming Project

Final Examination

Section 31 (8:00 Class): Wednesday, December 10, 9-11
Section 32 (9:30 Class): Monday, December 8, 9-11

The final examination will be comprehensive, although more emphasis will be placed on the material covered later in the course and which was not included in any earlier exam than in the earlier material.