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    Academe This Week
    Chatauqua Short Courses
    Chautauqua Short Courses are an annual series of forums in which scholars at the frontiers of various sciences meet intensively for several days with undergraduate college teachers of science. The forums proved an opportunity for invited scholars to communicate new knowledge, concepts and techniques directly to college teachers in ways which are immediately beneficial to their teaching. The primary aim is to enable undergraduate teachers in the sciences to keep their teaching current. Support is provided in part by the National Science Foundation.
    Community of Science
    Ask Eric
    Distance Teaching Resource Guide
    A database of mailing lists, teaching guides, online periodicals, and organizational home pages.
    The Distance Instruction for Adult Learning program of the New School for Social Research.
    Eric Digests
    Jurist: The Law Professors Network
    Materials posted by law professors from all over the world. Also contains subject specific guides to online legal information and an online law librarian.
    Library Spot
    A resource center for research information. Includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, calculators, maps, statistics, phone books and quotations.
    Peterson's Education Center
    50 Fun Things ...
    ... for Professors to Do on the First Day of Class, courtesy of Alan Meiss <>.
    Hayden Books
    Research Grant Guides
    Information on grant-related web sites. Includes links to foundations, grant information and a copy of A Grant Seeker's Guide to the Internet.
    The principal publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.



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