Course Outline

Mathematics 1070 Mathematics for Business and Economics
Text: Finite Mathematics & its Applications by Goldstein/Schneider/Siegel, Prentice Hall

Fall 2008

This outline should be taken as an approximation of what topics will be covered and in what order. It is subject to change and it is highly unlikely all these sections will be covered. The exercises are suggestions. Students who are still having difficulty after completing the suggested exercises should do more exercises until they sufficiently learn the material.

Chapter 1 — Linear Equations and Straight Lines
1.1 Coordinate Systems & Lines p. 8/19,22,23,31,37
1.2 Linear Inequalities. Systems p.18/7,9,11,27,41,43,54
1.3 Intersection of Two Lines. Supply and Demand p.24/1,3,13,14,23,25
1.4 Slope. Revenue and Cost p.34/1-5,11,28,31,41,79
1.5 Lines of Best Fit p.46/1,3,5,9,11,17
Chapter 2 — Matrices
2.1 Systems of Linear Equations p.67/1,3,5,23,27,49
2.2 Systems, continued p.76/1,3,9,13,15,19
2.3 Matrix Arithmetic p.88/7,8,11,17,19,25,31,39,55
2.4 Matrix Inverses p.101/1,3,11,17,19
2.5 Finding an Inverse by Gauss-Jordan p.107/5,7,9,13
2.6 Input-Output Analysis p.113/1-4,11
Chapter 3 — Linear Programming: A Geometric Approach
3.1 Linear Programming - Formulation p.128/5,9
3.2 Linear Programming - Geometry p.138/2,7,21,22,31
Chapter 4 — The Simplex Method
4.1 Slack Variables. Simplex Tableaux p.167/1,3,11,15,19
4.2 Simplex Method: Maximization p.177/1,9,16
4.3 Simplex Method: Minimization p.187/1,9
Chapter 5 — Sets and Counting
5.1 Sets p.218/1,9,41,44,46,47
5.2 Counting: The Inclusion-Exclusion Principle p.224/1,9,12,15,18,27,50
5.3 Counting: Venn Diagrams p.230/13,22,23,41,48
5.4 Counting: The Multiplication Principle p.236/1-5,8,11,17,25,35
5.5 Permutations and Combinations p.243/1,3,5,8,21,24,25,32,41,60,66
5.6 Counting Sequences and Paths. Sampling p.250/1,3,4,23,31
Chapter 6 — Probability
6.1, 6.2 Sample Spaces and Events p.282/1,3,6,11,27
6.3 Discrete Probability Distributions. Odds p.293/1,3,5,7,10,13,15-17
6.4 Equal Likelihood Probabilities p.300/4,5,7,8,16,19,20,29,30,54
6.5 Conditional Probability. Independence p.312/8,11,15,21,22,32,39ab
6.6 Probability Tree Diagrams p.321/9,13,15,18,24
6.7 Bayes' Theorem p.327/1,2,7,19
Chapter 7 — Probability and Statistics
7.3 Repeated Bernoulli Trials p.369/1-4,9,17
Chapter 10 — Mathematics of Finance
10.1 Simple and Compound Interest p. 493/1,3,9,11,15,25,31,43
10.2 Future Value of an Annuity. Savings p. 503/1,3,7,9
10.3 Present Value of an Annuity. Loans p. 512/1,5,7,9,13,15