Non-Macintosh Computer Resources

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  • General Information

    Cogan Computer Fairs
    Computer fairs held every weekend in Connecticut or Massachussetts. The site includes a discount coupon to save $1 off the admission price.
    THE List of Free Computer-Related Publications
    Print magazines, newspapers, and journals related to computing which can be subscribed to free of charge.


    Byte Magazine
    Computer News Daily
    Computer News Daily offers a continuing stream of breaking news stories from the world of computers and technology.
    The newsweekly for information systems professionals. Includes three years worth of Computerworld archives.
    Online Access Magazine

    Mail Order Vendors

    Computer Shopper NetBuyer
    Calls itself the largest online computer buying service ever created.
    Computer Discount Warehouse
    Egghead Software
    The Electronic Boutique
    The PC Zone

    Software Archives

    Columbia University's Kermit Archive
    GenKey© The Family Tree Editor
    GenKey© The Family Tree Editor is a shareware Java application I created to put together a family tree on the Wide World Web. It's available from some of the standard archive sites as well as my home pages on CompuServe and America Online.
    I am planning a major upgrade of GenKey©, including an updated file setup, so I don't advise downloading it at this time.
  • CompuServe Version
  • America Online Version
  • PartBank
    Distributes freeware, shareware and commercial software components, including Java applets, OpenDoc parts and Netscape plug-ins.
    Quality Communications
    ZD Net Software Library
    Top 10,000 Software Titles are Tested, Rated, Categorized and Reviewed
    The ZD Net Software Library introduces a new standard for shareware on the Web: each of its 10,000 applications is carefully tested and screened for viruses and defects, then reviewed and rated by Ziff-Davis editors. Just as Ziff-Davis magazines such as PC Magazine and PC Week have been established as the definitive source for commercial software reviews, ZD Net is also regarded as the definitive source for shareware reviews; all products are judged by the same high editorial and testing standards.

    TeX Resources

    User Groups

    TeX Users Group Information
    TeX Users Group
    The UK TeX User Group
    DANTE e.V. - WWW-Intro
    L'association GUTenberg

    FAQ, documentation

    TeX Frequently Asked Questions
    TeX-related documentation
    Cambridge University's Text Processing With TeX


    LaTeX: A document preparation system
    (La)TeX Navigator --- A (La)TeX Encyclopaedia
    Tom Scavo's LaTeX Info


    Omega Home
    The Hyperlatex package
    ASTER demo (spoken mathematics)
    LaTex to HTML
    Macintosh TeX/LaTeX Software and Resource Page
    One-stop location for everything that is currently available for users who love the Macintosh and TeX/LaTeX.

    TeX vendors

    OzTeX Home Page
    OzTeX is a shareware TeX package for the Mac which I have been using with great satisfaction for many years. The University of Connecticut has obtained a site license for OzTeX.
    Y&Y Inc Home Page
    Blue Sky Research
    Publishers of TeXtures for the Macintosh.


    AMS page of TeX references
    Donald Knuth's home page
    Windows emTeX
    LaTeX to ASCII
    Metafont --> GIF
    block diagrams
    Gary Gray's TeX/LaTeX software for the Mac