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Mathematics 108V
Mathematical Modeling in the Environment

Spring 2008



Meeting Times

W 6:30-9:00 pm Room 327


Mathematical Modeling in the Environment, by Charles R. Hadlock. MAA, 1998.

Schedule of Guest Speakers

This schedule is subject to revision. It is expected there will be additional speakers.

February 27: Michael Newman
April 23: Steve Schragg

Listserv Mailing List

The class has a listserv mailing list set up. The name of the list is WMA108-L and it is hosted on uconnvm.uconn.edu. Every member of the class will be automatically signed up for the list upon filling out the and is expected to participate in the discussions.

Posting a Message to the Mailing List

To post a message to the mailing list, simply address it to WMA108-L@uconnvm.uconn.edu. Other than that, it may be handled the same as any other email message.

Quizzes and Examinations

There will be one or two hour long examinations during the course of the semester, along with several graded homework assignments, problem sets and group projects.

Each graded homework assignment will be worth 25 points and each problem set will be worth 50 points. Each examination will be worth 100 points. The final examination will be worth 150 points.

Take-Home Part of First Exam — The first exam will be on March 5. Half of the exam is take-home. It was distributed in class February 27 and may also be downloaded here.

Final Examination

The final examination will be held Wednesday, May 2, 6:30-8:30 PM.

The final examination will be comprehensive, covering material from the entire semester.


These are notes corresponding to some of the portions of the text and include many of the slides shown in class.


There are a number of sets of available. The following sets of slides specific for this class are also available. Each set is available in a normal size text format as well as the slides used in class.


Groundwater Travel Time Spreadsheet
The spreadsheet in the text used for calculating groundwater travel time may be downloaded. It is in zip format, so it will have to be unzipped before using.
Diffusion Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet includes calculations for one- and two-dimensional diffusion along with Holland's Equation.
Plume Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet, available on the disk accompanying the textbook, calculates the concentration of a contaminant using the Gaussian Plume Model.
Aloha Manual
  1. Table of Contents and Introduction
  2. Installing Aloha
  3. Learning the Basics
  4. Reference
  5. Examples
  6. Troubleshooting, Bibliography, Glossary and Index