English Country Dances by Victor Skowronski

Here are some of the wonderful English Country Dances that Victor Skowronski has written (pdf files).

Some downloaders have reported problems with some versions of Adobe Acrobat rendering these files, particularly the musical notes. If you encounter this, the simplest solution may be to download a later version of Acrobat or try another computer. If all else fails, please email me for a hardcopy.

(Victor sent me the pdf files, which he created using the PDFwrite option of Ghostscript, so I have no easy way to supply other formats. "The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from." (Andrew S. Tanenbaum))

Here's some (probably incomplete) information about recordings for some of these dances. (Updates welcome!)

Here are some new ones, posted in April--May, 2006.

And more, with dates as listed:

Here is a list of 17 dances (with instructions) taught by Victor at a workshop featuring his dances in Richmond, VA in 2011

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