Suggested Exercises for Math 101

In order to be prepared for each of the chapter examinations, students should do all of the exercises listed below. In cases where a range of exercises is given, students should do at least all the odd exercises within that range. Students should also do each chapter test in the textbook before attempting the chapter examination in class.

All exercises are listed from the textbook Intermediate Algebra, Second Edition, by John Tobey and Jeffrey Slater.
SectionTopics Exercises
1.1Real numbers and properties 1-59
1.2Operations with real numbers; absolute value 1-63
1.3Powers, roots, order of operations 1-81
1.4Integer exponents and scientific notation 1-95
1.5Operations with variables and grouping symbols 1-59
1.6Evaluating variable expressions and formulas 1-51
2.1First degree equations with one unknown 1-61
2.2Linear equations and formulas 1-33
2.3Absolute value equations 1-43
2.4Word problems 1-21
2.5More involved word problems 1-29,33
2.6Inequalities 1-57
2.7Compound inequalities 1-49
2.8Absolute value inequalities 1-39
3.1Graphing linear equations 1-41
3.2Slope 1-35
3.3Graphs and equations of lines 1-51
3.4Linear inequalities in two variables 1-25
4.1Simultaneous equations 1-49
4.3Applications of simultaneous equations 1-19
5.1Addition, subtraction, multiplication of polynomials 1-61
5.2Division of polynomials 1-29
5.4Removing common factors 1-41
5.5Factoring trinomials 1-53
5.6Special cases of factoring 1-55
5.7Factoring polynomials 1-43
5.8Polynomial equations 1-39
6.1Simplifying, multiplying, dividing rational expressions 1-49
6.2Addition and subtraction of rational expressions 1-39
6.3Complex rational expressions 1-21
6.4Rational equations 1-31
7.1Rational exponents 1-45
7.2Radical expressions 1-67
7.3Simplifying radicals 1-33,43,45
7.4Multiplication and division of radicals 1-37
7.5Radical equations 1-17,25-29
7.6Complex numbers 1-57
8.1Solving quadratic equations 1-35
8.2Quadratic formula 5-21,33,35,39
8.4Formulas and applications 1,3,7,11,15,23,27,31,35
8.5Quadratic functions 1,3,7,17,19,27
9.2Parabolas 5,7,9,13,23,25,35,41