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Kinetsu Abe
Kinetsu Abe
Department of Mathematics
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-3009
Office: MSB
Telephone: (860) 486-839 Fax: (860) 486-4238
email: abe@math.uconn.edu
Ph.D. 1970 Brown University, Providence, RI
D.Sc. 1976 Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

Courses Taught

Research Interests

Riemannian Geometry and Complex Manifolds. The last 3 years have also seen research on projects supported by NSF grants (co-PIed with T. Peters and A. Russell) in computational geometry and toplogy.

Most Recent Work

    Computational Topology

  • Computational Topology for Reconstruction of Surfaces with Boundary: Integrating Experiments and Theory (with T. Peters et al), to appear in SMI-05 (2005), 1-11 click
  • Computational Topology for Reconstruction of Surfaces with Boundary, PART I: Applications (with T. Peters at al) (a draft), preprint (2004), 1-15 click
  • Computational Topology for Reconstruction of Surfaces with Boundary, PART II: Mathematical Foundations (with T. Peters et al) (a draft), preprint (2004), 1-23 click

    Differential Geometry

  • On Some Complex Manifolds with Torus Symmetry,Contemporary Math. Vol. 337, (2003), 1-9 (with D. Grantcharov and G. Grantcharov)
  • Variational Problems in Geometry by S. Nishikawa, AMS Translations of Mathematical Monographs 205 (2002)

Recent Ph.D's. and Dissertations

  • Sungwook Lee, Space-Like Surfaces of Constant Mean Curvature in De Sitter 3-Space
  • Leiping Yu, An Alternative Approach to Critical Point Theory and its Applications to Hamiltonian Systems

  • REU

    Math Dept will begin its first REU program in the summer of 2005. I will serve as Director and the leader of a project. Prof McKenna will be another project leader. The detail of the program will be announced soon in a newly created REU website linked from www.math.uconn.edu.
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