Mathematical Poetry at Bridges 2021

Coronavirus Update:
Due to the pandemic the Bridges organization regrets that it is not able to hold the in-person conference planned for  Aalto University in August 2021. The conference and its mathematical poetry reading became virtual. Videos of poets reading their work will be linked below. We hope that you enjoy the virtual  reading as much as you would if we were all there in person!

                                   The  Program and The Virtual Poetry Reading                                                    

Coordinated by Sarah Glaz, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Connecticut and poet, the poetry reading at Bridges 2021 features poetry with strong links to mathematics, a great variety of topics, and a wide range of poetic styles. The program starts with fourteen prominent poets reading selections from their work, followed by an open mic and  shorter readings period where past Bridges poets and Bridges 2021 participants read their own mathematical poems.  Additional information on the Bridges 2021 virtual conference and the poetry reading will be posted here and on the Bridges Organization site in August. Works by past and present Bridges poets are included in the Bridges Poetry Anthologies. More information about the Bridges poets may be found on The Bridges Poets Anniversary Year News. Information on past Bridges Poetry Readings and  Bridges Poetry Anthologies appears on the Bridges Organization site and at  The Bridges 2020 Poetry Anthology site.

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About the Coordinator and the Invited Poets 
Including  links to the videos and printable sample poems of the Bridges 2021 Virtual Poetry Reading

Sarah Glaz

Sarah Glaz's first poetry collection, Ode to Numbers (Antrim House, 2017) was a finalist for both Next Generation Indie Book Awards and Book Excellence Awards. Sarah is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Connecticut specializing in the mathematical area of Commutative Ring Theory. Her poetry, poetry translations, collaborative work with visual artists, and articles on the connections between mathematics and poetry appeared in a variety of literary and mathematical journals, edited volumes, and anthologies. Sarah serves as Associate Editor for the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts, for which she guest-edited the special issue Poetry and Mathematics. She coedited the poetry anthology, Strange Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics (CRC Press, 2008), and as the coordinator of the poetry readings at the annual Bridges conferences, she edits the Bridges Poetry Anthologies.


    Bridges 2021 Virtual Poetry Reading
    Video of Sarah Glaz welcoming the audience and reading: The Death of Euclid and Archimedes
    Printable sample poem:
Twenty-Eight Lines for the En-Priestess Enheduanna

Marian Christie

Marian Christie grew up in what is now Zimbabwe. Drawn to both the arts and the sciences, she wrote poetry from an early age finding inspiration in the southern African landscape. At university she studied applied mathematics and went on to teach mathematics at schools in the Middle East and Scotland. Throughout her teaching career, she sought creative ways to stimulate students' interest and enjoyment in mathematics, particularly through cross-disciplinary projects incorporating the arts and humanities. Now retired from teaching, she lives in Southeast England where she has recently completed a master's degree in creative writing. In her poetry she frequently interweaves mathematical imagery with everyday experience, at times explicitly, at times more obliquely. Her work has been published in a number of journals, both online and in print.

    Bridges 2021 Virtual Poetry Reading
    Video of Marian Christie reading: Pathways, Elevenses, The Primary Hourglass, and Clothoid
    Printable sample poem:


Carol Dorf

Carol Dorf is fascinated with the boundaries between disciplines, particularly mathematics and poetry. She is poetry editor of Talking Writing where she writes about issues in contemporary poetry, and has edited several issues on mathematical poetry, science poetry, and technology poetry. For many years, she taught high school mathematics, and has led poetry workshops as a California-Poet-in-the-Schools, at Berkeley City College, and other art venues. She brought her loves together by introducing poetry into the mathematics classroom and by teaching poetry writing to mathematics teachers. She has three chapbooks available, Some Years Ask (Moria Press), Theory Headed Dragon (Finishing Line Press), and Given (Origami Poems Project).  Her poetry appears in Great Weather For Media, The Mom Egg, Sin Fronteras, E-ratio, About Place, Glint, Slipstream, The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, Scientific American, and Maintenant.

Bridges 2021 Virtual Poetry Reading
    Video of  Carol Dorf reading: In the Sense of Remaining Grounded and Categorize the Category of Categories
    Printable sample poem:
Ask for a Universe and What Do You Get?


Susan Gerofsky

Susan Gerofsky is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Environmental Education at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her interdisciplinary research is in embodied, multisensory, multimodal mathematics education through the arts, movement, gesture and voice. She works in curriculum studies, environmental garden-based education, the language and genres of mathematics education, and media theory. Dr. Gerofsky is academic advisor and co-founder of the UBC Orchard Garden, a student-led campus learning garden. She is active as a poet, playwright, musician and filmmaker, and also works with dance and fiber arts. You'll often find her cycling around town with a baritone horn or an accordion. Susan contributed to the award-winning book, Poetic Inquiry: Enchantment of Place (Vernon Press, 2017) and has a verse play, Keple: A Renaissance Folk Play, published in The Mathematical Intelligencer.

Bridges 2021 Virtual Poetry Reading
    Video of  Susan Gerofsky reading: Seven Strands of Alphabetical Braided Crows
    Printable sample poem:
Seven Strands of Alphabetical Crows


David Greenslade

David Greenslade recently retired as a grammar and writing tutor at Cardiff Metropolitan University.   He writes in Welsh and English and has taught at a number of universities.  He has also led writing workshops in prisons and other challenging environments.  David authored several collections of prose poetry. His collection Lyrical Diagrams (Shearman Books, 2012) juxtaposes diagrams with poetic-mathematical texts.  He has received British Council support for his work and is a winner (twice) of the Planet Welsh Internationalist Essay Award.   In 2019 he curated an exhibition of Welsh and Romanian Surrealist Art at the Welsh Senate. His latest publication as editor is Imagined Invited (Hafan Books, 2020) an international anthology of poetry and surrealist collage. Currently he shares his time between Wales and Romania where he continues to write, exhibit and nurture international projects.

    Bridges 2021 Virtual Poetry Reading
Video of  David Greenslade reading: Primary Birthday, 5040, Brun's Sieve, Infinity Manifold, and Measuring

    Printable sample poem:
Infinity Manifold

 Emily Grosholz

Emily Grosholz is Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Philosophy, African American Studies and English at the Pennsylvania State University. She studies at the University of Chicago and Yale University. She has written eight books of poetry, including The Stars of Earth: New and Selected Poems (Word Galaxy Press, 2017) and written or edited 14 more philosophical books, including Starry Reckoning: Reference and Analysis in Mathematics and Cosmology (Springer, 2016), which won the 2017 Fernando Gil International Prize for Philosophy of Science, and Great Circles: The Transits of Mathematics and Poetry (Springer, 2018). Her book of poems Childhood has been translated into Japanese, French, Italian, German and Bulgarian. Her collection of literary essay Reflections on Poetry and the World: Walking along the Hudson, homage to the Hudson Review, just came out from Cambridge Scholars.                                                                          

     Bridges 2021 Virtual Poetry Reading
    Video of  Emily Grosholz reading: Finitude, The Shape of Desire, and The First Piano Lesson (click on Play after opening link)
    Printable sample poem:
The Shape of Desire 

JoAnne Growney

JoAnne Growney, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania, now lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, where she writes poems, guides poetry workshops, blogs about math-poetry connections, and enjoys activities with grandchildren.  From childhood JoAnne loved both poetry and mathematics -- but mathematical studies offered needed scholarships.  When again there became time for poetry, mathematics was one of her inspirations.   With numerous poems in math and literary journals,  JoAnne also has published several poetry collections.  Hypothesizing that everything connects, she delights in the elegant language of both mathematics and poetry and frequently applies mathematical constraints to help shape her thoughts into poems.   Her blog "Intersections --Poetry with Mathematics" offers a varied selection of poetry and commentary by poets from around the world -- and a few items of her own.

     Bridges 2021 Virtual Poetry Reading
    Video of  JoAnne Growney reading: My Dance is Mathematics, Math-Girl Mathematics, and Let's End MatHEmatics!
    Printable sample poem:
My Dance Is Mathematics

Lisa Lajeunesse