Bridges 2020 Poetry Anthology

            2020 Poetry Anthology cover  

       Bridges 2020 Poetry Anthology

       Editor: Sarah Glaz
       Tessellations Publishing, 2020

Celebrating 10 Years of Poetry Readings at Bridges!

        Table of Contents

        From the Introduction:         
       The present volume is the fourth poetry anthology that has grown out of the Bridges poetry readings.
       Although richer and more diverse than its predecessors, the current volume springs from the same
       source and shares the distinctive characteristics of the Bridges poetry readings -- it features poems
       with multi-dimensional links to mathematics and a wide range of styles. This volume is organized in
       three sections:  The first section contains poems written by the poets invited to read at Bridges 2020;
       the second section is devoted to work by poets who read at previous Bridges conferences but could
       not participate this year; while the third section includes a selection of poems that arose out of the
       Bridges community. This section brings a sample of poems of collaboration and response among
       Bridges poets and artists.
Complementing the information about the poets and the artists found on
       these pages is a new webpage, "Bridges Poets' News," which highlights the latest poetry-related
       publications, honors, and activities of the Bridges community. URLs for the sites of the
       poetry readings, anthologies, and poets' news appear on the last page of the volume. This
       anthology is printed in color.  Cover image: "Shield 1" by Kerry Mitchell.    




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