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Sunlight Through Draperies

(a country dance in English style)
Tom Roby (May 2002)
(last updated: 29 March 2004)

Published in (CDSS News, March/April 2004)
Longways duple minor set
D Major 3/4 AABB

Tune: Judy & Jim's Wedding" by Larry Unger (in Unger's Curvy Road to Corinth and Matheison's The Waltz Book).

A1: First corners back to back for three waltz steps and then turn single right back to place.
All gypsy with partner.
A2: Second corners LEFT shoulder back to back for three waltz steps, and then turn single LEFT back to place.
All gypsy LEFT shoulder with partner.
B1: Circle hands four to the right all the way around.
Balance the ring forward and back, and all turn single right.
B2: Circle hands four to the left all the way around.
Balance the ring forward and back; 1s cast while 2s lead up.

NOTES: The start of A1 is one way of interpreting the original directions to *Draper's Gardens*. The key moment is the brief eye contact between the back to back and the turn single, just after measure 3. At this point, corners will just have passed left shoulders backing up and be close, but offset. So both the back-to-back and turn single need to be somewhat faster than usual.

The gypsies need to be wide for optimal phrasing; it helps to have some room up and down the sets.

Directions on turn singles are specified only because it helps the flow of the dance. It may help some groups of dancers to remind them that in the A1 it's RIGHT (back to back), RIGHT (turn single), and RIGHT (gypsy); then in the A2 it's LEFT, LEFT, LEFT.

Similarly, the first circle has to be to the right coming out of the A2 gypsy left. If some dancers are trying to circle the other way, they may be ending the gypsy too soon.

The title was suggested by Marjorie Nugent.

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