Aug. 31  delete problems  9/49 add 39
delete 20/19,37,43
delete 32/5
I will be away NEXT Thurs, Fri, Sept 9-10. I will hand out a worksheet  next Tues, Sept 7, which you can work on for the rest of the week, in groups if you want. It will be due in class on Tues, Sept 14.

Sept 2 We'll skip Sect 0.8. I'm deleting a few more problems
38/ 5,14
48 everything  but 15 but add this one: Explain how to draw the graph of #36 without a calculator. Use the words "amplitude, frequency and phase shift".
no problems on p 76 (Sect. 0.8)
Sept. 16  EXAM Oct 7
problems 1.3  41 don't do the bisection method; skip 47,49

Sept. 20
New Office Hours:  Mon 3:00, Tu 3:15, W 2:30, F 12
skip 1.6
skip problems 17, 24, 45, 59 in 2.1
worksheet Friday on 1.5

Sept. 28 I will  lecture this Wed. and Fri. Next Tuesday will be a practice exam, worth 20 hw pts. Thursday Oct 7 is the exam. I'll  hand it back and go over it Fri. Oct 8.
sect. 2.2 delete 5,6,7,39,43,57   add 21-26

Oct. 5 Special office hours tomorrow (wed.) 2:30-5. EXAM Thursday Oct 7.

Oct 12  Sect. 2.5 add problems 39,40 and show Dcos(x)=-sin(x) using the trig formula c(x+h)=cos(x)cos(h)-sin(x)sin(h) and our trig limits.
20 pt worksheet will be done on Friday

Oct 14 Sect 2.6 delete 25,36,37,41 Add 45.

Oct 19 Sorry I have to miss class today; Prof. Madych will substitute.  I'll be back for office hours Wed. anc class Thursday. Check (do) the assignment for 2.6
 above. Also try a few chain rule problems: say 2.7 9,11,15,19.

Oct 26  Do chain rule problems 23, 31, 35 in addition to the ones listed above.
Sect. 2.8 Problems 5,8,13,29,30,33
The SECOND EXAM will cover 2.5-3.3 and 3.7 It will be on Tuesday Nov.  16. I'll give you more study information as we get closer.

Oct 28 The Sect. 2.9 problems are all good. Bring a calculator to class tomorrow.

Nov 2 There will be a REVIEW ASSIGNMENT handed out THURSDAY, Nov. 4, due TUESDAY Nov. 9. NO CLASS Friday, Nov 5.

Sect. 3.1 regular hw practice problems: 5,9,13,19,31,35,39
Sect 3.3 here are a few good problems: 5,7,13,18,19
For 3.2 just draw a few pictures illustrating Newton's method.

Nov. 11 Practice Exam 2 (20pts) tomorrow.
Extended office hours Monday, 2:30-5.
I'll hand the graded 2nd exam back next Thursday, Nov. 18. COME TO CLASS. I need that lecture to talk about area and Riemann sums. You'll need to know this material for the final. I'll give you Friday, Nov. 19, off-BUT NOT THURSDAY.

FINAL EXAM Monday Dec. 13 10:30-12:30 ATWATER A001. This is on North Eagleville Rd., directly across from the cemetary.
Here are some practice problems for the remainder of the course. I'll maybe add a few more near the end, depending on what we cover.
We'll do a worksheet next Friday, Dec. 3.

4.1:   7,12,14,16,17,31,36,59,67
4.3:   16,34
4.4:   ****** 12, p 361 (This one is to be handed in as homework, on Dec. 9, for 10 points.)
4.5:   9,13,15,19,21,43,47,50,51
4.6:    9,13,17,23,27
5.1:   13,15,19
5.3:   7,21
***** Friday, Dec. 10, I'll hand out a review sheet, your homework grades, and a teacher evalution sheet.

******On Sunday, Dec. 12, at 8 pm we will have a review session.