Statistics 110

Minitab Assignments

Statistics 110
Elementary Concepts of Statistics

Spring Semester 2000

Minitab Workbook

An Introduction to Data Analysis Using Minitab for Windows
Kathleen McLaughlin and Dorothy Wakefield

Simon & Schuster Custom Publishing ISBN 0-536-00410-2

Minitab Assignments

All the exercises in each chapter are due the following week.
Week Topic
Week 1Introduction: Learn how to start Minitab
Week 2Chapter 1: Qualitative Data Analysis
Week 3Chapter 2: Quantitative Data Analysis
Week 4Chapter 3: Measures of Central Tendency and Variation
Week 5Chapter 4: Probability and Simulation
Week 6Chapter 5: The Binomial Random Variable
Week 7Chapter 6: The Normal Random Variable
Week 8Review
Week 9Chapter 7: The Central Limit Theorem and the Sampling Distribution of the Sampling Mean
Week 10Chapter 8: Confidence Interval Estimation
Week 11Chapter 9: Hypothesis Testing (One Sample Problems)
Week 12Chapter 10: Comparing Two Populations
Week 13Review
Week 14Review

Student Information
  1. Minitab assignments are due at the start of class one week after being assigned.
  2. Each assignment is worth ten (10) points.
  3. There will be a five (5) point penalty for any assignment handed in late.
  4. Assignments which are more than one week late will not be accepted.
  5. A minimum of 50 points must be earned on Minitab assignments to pass the course.