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Mathematics 211

Elementary Differential Equations

Spring Semester 2006



Meeting Times

11:15-12:30 on Monday and Wednesday


Differential Equations, 2nd Ed.
ISBN 0-534-38514-1

It is also highly recommended that you check out other books on differential equations in the library.

Listserv Mailing List

The class has a listserv mailing list set up. The name of the list is wma211-l and it is hosted on listserv.uconn.edu.

Problem Sets

There will be several graded homework assignments or problem sets during the course of the semester. Each will count half as much as a regular, in-class exam counts. They will be handed out in class and will also be made available on the web.
Problem Sets
Problem Set 1QuestionsSolutions
Spreadsheet for Euler's Method
Problem Set 2QuestionsSolutions

Remember, problem sets must be submitted by the due date and there is no penalty for submitting a problem set prior to the date it is due.


Final Examination

The final will be a compehensive examination, covering material from the entire course. The final is scheduled for Wednesday, May 3, at 12 noon.

Students may find the helpful in preparing for the final exam.

Notes for this Course

There are a number of sets of available. The following sets of slides specific for this class are also available. The slides will be augmented as the semester progresses. Each set is available in two formats, normal and expanded. The expanded format is the version shown in class; the normal format contains fewer slides but the same information.