Mathematics 1071Q Calculus for Business and Economics

Summer Session II 2009
Instructor: Alan Stein

This course was formerly Mathematics 106Q. The information here has not been completely updated.




Meeting Times

Monday, Wednesday 6:00-9:15 PM


Note that this class meets only ten times during the entire semester and that the final examination is given during the last meeting, so that, effectively, there are only nine working class sessions during the entire summer semester. Thus, each single session is the equivalent of approximately 1½ regular semester weeks, making it extremely important that students attend each and every class meeting.


Calculus Applications and Technology, Third Edition, By Ed Tomastik.
It is also highly recommended that you check out other Calculus books in the Library.


We will be making some use of the TI-82 graphing calculator in class. You will need to bring a TI graphing calculator (either 82,83,85 or 86) to class each time. You will be able to use and for some questions, you will need to use, your calculator on the exams, quizzes and the final. If you already have another graphing calculator, see me to see if you can use it in this class.

Departmental Calculator Policy

Calculators that can perform symbolic operations or store symbolic formulas (such as the HP 28 or 48 or TI-92 or 89) are not allowed, even if all programs are erased before the exam begins. If you bring a calculator to the exam, make sure it does not do alphanumeric manipulation. The instructor may randomly ask for calculators and check programs stored in memory. No alphanumeric formulas stored as programs are allowable. Discovery of such material will result in confiscation of the exam paper of the person using that calculator, and assignment of a grade of 0 for the exam.

Listserv Mailing List

The class has a listserv mailing list set up. The name of the list is MATH1071-L and it is hosted on Every member of the class will be automatically signed up for the list upon filling out the Student Information Form and is expected to participate in the discussions.

Posting a Message to the Mailing List

To post a message to the mailing list, simply address it to Other than that, it may be handled in the same way as any other email message.


There are a number of sets of Notes for Students available. The following sets of slides specific for this class are also available. Each set is available in a normal size text format as well as the slides used in class.
Calculating DerivativesNotesSlides
Properties of ExponentsNotesSlides
Definition and Properties of LogarithmsNotesSlides
Natural Logarithm and The Exponential FunctionNotesSlides
Complete Set All of the above in normal size type. The individual sets of slides and notes may be revised slightly as the semester progresses, but this complete set will not be revised until after the semester.

Quizzes and Examinations

There may be some very short quizzes during classes when no exams are scheduled; students should always be prepared for a quiz.

Each quiz will be worth 10 points. Each problem set will be worth 50 points. Each examination will be worth 100 points. The final examination will be worth 150 points.

There may be one or two problem sets.

Group Projects

Estimating the Speed of a Moving Object — This project may be done during the first class.

Final Examination

The final examination for Mathematics 1071Q will be held during the last scheduled class on Wednesday, August 19, 2009.

The final will be a compehensive examination, covering material from the entire course.