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Vadim Olshevsky

Research interests: scientific computing, fast and superfast algorithms, structured matrices (e.g., Toepliz, Hankel, Vandermonde, Cauchy, Pick matrices, Bezoutians, unitary Hessenberg, semiseparable and quasiseparable matrices), matrices with displacement structure, multilevel structure, generalizations of the algorithms of Schur, Levinson, Euclid, Bjorck-Pereyra, Traub, FFT, DCT, DST, numerical accuracy, rational matrix interpolation (fast algorithms for Nevanlinna-Pick, Caratheodory-Fejer, Nehrai problems), orthogonal polynomials, Szego polynomials, matrix perturbations, applications to filtering and estimation, signal processing, system theory, algebraic coding theory, list decoding, stability and control theory.
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