Elementary Differential Equations
Math 2410Q § 010 & § 015D Fall 2017

General Info

Instructor: Noah Hughes
Office: MONT 322
Email: noah.hughes@uconn.edu (Expect responses only between the hours of 9am and 6pm.)
Office hours: Tuesday, Thursday 10:00am–10:50am; Wednesday 4:00pm–4:50pm; and by appointment. My weekly schedule.
Text: Differential Equations 4th ed., by Paul Blanchard, Robert L. Devaney, and Glen R. Hall.

Grades: Information about how this course will be graded can be found in the syllabus. Grades will not be posted throughout the semester but you can find a spreadsheet here which will allow you to record your grades and calculate your current average at any point throughout the semester.

Section Info

§ 010
Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10:10am‐11:00am in MONT112.

§ 015
Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 1:25pm‐2:15pm in MONT225.

Course Description

From the department website: Introduction to ordinary differential equations and their applications, linear differential equations, systems of first order linear equations, numerical methods.