Multivariable Calculus
Math 1132Q § 184D, § 186D & § 192D
Fall 2018

General Info

TA: Noah Hughes
Office: MONT 322
Email: noah.hughes@uconn.edu (Expect responses only between the hours of 9am and 6pm.)
Office hours: Tuesday through Thursday 11:00am–11:50am, and by appointment.
Text: See the common course page.
Instructor: Anthony Rizzie
Common course webpage: Math 2110Q

Access to leture slides, WebAssign (your online homework due every Tuesday night), and current grades (on WebAssign) is through HuskyCT.

Section Info

§ 184D
Meeting times: Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00pm–6:50pm in MONT 227.

§ 186D
Meeting times: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30am–10:20am in OAK 235.

§ 192D
Meeting times: Tuesday and Thursday, 4:40pm–5:30pm in MONT 113.

Your responsibilities for each meeting

Unless otherwise noted, all sections discussed in a given week will have associated worksheets due the following discussion (this is usually but not always two worksheets). Portions of most worksheets will be discussed in class but you are responsible for your own copy. (You need not print each worksheet.)

Late homework will be rarely tolerated; you may ask for an extension but the answer will most likely be no. You may always turn your work in early. Homework that is not submitted in a neat and organized fashion will be subject to a grade penalty.