Calculus II
Math 1132Q § 014D, § 019D & § 020D Spring 2016

General Info

TA: Noah Hughes
Office: MSB 118
Email: noah.hughes@uconn.edu (Expect responses only between the hours of 9am and 6pm.)
Office hours: Tuesday, Thursday 9:00am–9:30am, 3:30pm–4:30pm, and by appointment.
Text: See the common course page.
Instructor: Keith Conrad
Common course webpage: Math 1132Q

Access to copies of lecture slides; WebAssign, your online homework (due every Tuesday night); and current grades (on WebAssign) is through HuskyCT.

Section Info

§ 014D
Meeting times: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30am&dash10:20am in TLS79.

§ 019D
Meeting times: Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30pm&dash5:20pm in MSB219.

§ 020D
Meeting times: Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00am&dash8:50am in MSB303.

Your responsibilities for each meeting

Unless otherwise noted, all sections discussed in a given week will have associated worksheets due the following Tuesday (this is usually but not always two worksheets). Every Thursday an in-class quiz will be given on the previous week's material. Only in documented circumstances will make-up quizzes be given. Similarly, late homework will be rarely tolerated; you may ask for an extension but the answer will most likely be no. You may always turn your work in early.