Problem Solving
Math 1020Q § 005 & 011 Fall 2015

General Info

Instructor: Noah Hughes
Office: MSB 118
Email: noah.hughes@uconn.edu
Office hours: Tuesday, Thursday 1:00pm–2:30pm, and by appointment.
Text: PProblem SSSolving, 3rd edition, by DeFranco, Vinsonhaler & Naigles
Course coordinator: Mark Naigles
Common course webpage: Math 1020Q

Section Info

§ 005
Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 1:25pm‐2:25pm in MSB219.

§ 011
Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 12:20pm‐1:10pm in BRON124.

Course Description

An introduction to the techniques used by mathematicians to solve problems. Skills such as Externalization (pictures and charts), Visualization (associated mental images), Simplification, Trial and Error, and Lateral Thinking learned through the study of mathematical problems. Problems drawn from combinatorics, probability, optimization, cryptology, graph theory, and fractals. Students will be encouraged to work cooperatively and to think independently.


The basic goal is to foster problem solving skills that can be applied throughout the college experience and the rest of your life.