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 Hi! And welcome to my webpages. I hope you enjoy your stay.
 I am a Ph.D candidate in mathematics at the University of Connecticut.
 My work is in the area of mathematical logic known as computability theory.

 A nice intuitive description of mathematical logic (thanks to Paul Shafer) is that 
 it is the "mathematics of mathematics"  in the same way
 geometry is the "mathematics of shape" and calculus is the "mathematics of change."

 Computability theory then, could be described as the area of math logic which seeks 
 to understand the complexity of mathematical principles, objects and constructions.

 I am particularly interested in the underlying connections we find between mathematical
 principles using the tools of computability theory.

 I am originally from Linville, North Carolina, a rural town in the Appalachian Mountains.
 Here I developed a love of hiking, camping, climbing, mountain biking and anything involving the outdoors. 
 Outside of that, I love music, good books, games of chess, playing the drums and learning about nearly anything.

 The above picture was taken by Madelyn Hughes during an October snow in Hartford, CT.
 The background is taken from a picture I took on Pike's Peak in Colorado.