Strange Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics

       Strange Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics
       Editors: Sarah Glaz and JoAnne Growney
       CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group (A K Peters), 2008
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For your pleasure here is a small sample from the collection:
The poem that started it all: 

Moon Compasses

by Robert Frost
I stole forth dimly in the dripping pause
Between two downpours to see  what there was.
And a masked moon had spread down compass rays
To a cone mountain in the midnight haze,
As if the final estimate were hers;
And as it measured in her calipers,
The mountain stood exalted in its place.
So love will take between the hands a face...

And two other poems:  from The Cyberiad  by Stanislaw Lem
  by Sarah Glaz

Links to a few other poems on Doug Norton's webpage

First year events:
To celebrate the publication JoAnne Growney organized a poetry reading, Mathematics and Love
at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Washington DC, January 7, 2009. The editors, publisher,
reading poets, and 100 or so mathematicians and poets in the audience, had a great time .

A lovely report on the January reading by Doug Norton, SIGMAA-ARTS coordinator for
the reading, Report and Reflections on "Poetry of Love and Mathematics: a Reading"
To celebrate the book's arrival to UConn and Valentine Day 2009, Sarah held a reading at
the UConn CooP, on February 12.

Terese Karmel wrote a Valentine Day article about the volume in the Willimantic Chronicle,
The mathematics of Valentine's Day.
April is National Poetry Month and Mathematics Awareness Month.
To celebrate the conjunction, on April 6, Sarah read from the anthology at 
The Litchfield County Writers Project, UConn Torrington Campus.

UConn Advance published an article, by Sherry Fisher, about the book on  April 13:
Mathematics and love coupled in professor's book of poetry.