From Lisa Lajeunesse Puzzle-Poems Pages

While Lisa Lajeunesse' Puzzle-Poems website is under construction, she  offers us here a sample of her puzzle-poems to solve and enjoy. 

These poems, written by Bridges poets, were encoded by Lisa using Latin square puzzles, similar to (although easier to solve) than the popular Sudoku puzzles.
Click on the links below to solve the puzzles and read the poems:

 Puzzle Poems 1          Puzzle Poems 2                  Puzzle Poems 3

These ones are for younger folk:

          Family Day Puzzle Poems


Try these last puzzles for an extra challenge and unlock a new poetic form based on a Graeco-Latin Square (GLS). The puzzles are slightly different from the ones above so pay careful attention to the instructions and good luck!

GLS Puzzle Poems