Undergraduate Resources:

Math Links for Information and Fun

      Math Multi-Information Centers
   Platonic Realms Home Page (Mathematics Academy Online)
   Goedel, Escher, Bach (University of Michigan)
   Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics (Wolfram)
   + Plus Magazine (Millennium Mathematics Project, Cambridge University, UK)
   National Curve Bank (California State University, Los Angeles)
   Math Fun Facts (Harvey Mudd College)
   TED Ideas Worth Spreading (talks tagged: mathematics)
   Vi Hart on YouTube
   MoMath (National Museum of Mathematics, NYC)
    Math Humor

  Humorous Math Poems and Limericks from JHHS
  Profession Jokes - Mathematicians
  Google - Images for Math Jokes
  Komplexify: Math Humor (South Dakota School of Mines)
lehrer1   Math Songs

  Tom Lehrer's Math Songs
  The Mathemusician (Larry Lesser, University of Texas El Paso)
  Finite Simple Group of Order Two (The Klein 4 Group)
  Division By Zero: Music is Math
  The Song of Pi

good will hunting   Math at the Movies and on Stage

    The Math in the Movies Page
    Fictional Actuaries
    "Proof" by David Auburn - a 2001 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award Broadway Play
    "Arcadia" by Tom Stoppard, a Broadway and London Stage Play
    "A Disappearing Number," a 2007-2008 three times Best Play Award winner
Math and Poetry

    Mathematical Poetry - A small Anthology (Kate Stange)
    Intersections - Poetry with Mathematics Blog (JoAnne Growney)
    Mathematical Poetry - The Blog Spot (Kaz Maslanka)
    Poetry and Mathematics (Marian Christie)
    Beauty - a Poem by Eve Andersson
    Love and Tensor Algebra - by Stanislaw Lem
    The Enigmatic Number e - by Sarah Glaz
    Calculus - by Sarah Glaz
    Strange  Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics - edited by Glaz & Growney (CRC Press)
    xkcd - a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language (Randall Munroe)
    100,000,000,000,000,000 Poems by Raymond Queneaux
    Scientific American Guest Blog: Poetry (Bob Grumman)
    Scientific American Blog: Roots of Unity (Evelyn Lamb)
    Ode to Numbers - by Sarah Glaz (Antrim House)
    Among Practitioners of Cossike Arte (poem: Sarah Glaz, collage: Mark Sanders, project: David Greenslade)
    Mathematical Poetry at Bridges (Sarah Glaz)

  Math in Fiction

      Mathematical Fiction Home Page (College of Charleston)
      Mathematics and Science Fiction (Dartmouth College)
      Math Metaphors, a Literary Challenge
      Project Gutenberg - Free ebooks
wallpaper    Interactive and Entertaining Geometry

       Geometry Center (University of Minnesota)
       Famous Curves Index (University of St. Andrews)
       Julia and Mandelbrot Set Explorer (Clark University)
       Dimensions - a Walk Through Mathematics
       Geometry From the Land of the Incas

fractal  Math and Art

     M.C. Escher
     Sprott's Fractal Gallery (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
     Mathematical Art, Graphics, Chaos, and Fractals (Bruno Kevius)
     Mathematical Origami
     Math Posters in the London Underground
     The KnotPlot (University of British Columbia)
     Bridges Organization Art Galleries
     Math Jewlery: Quiddity Designs (Sandi Nengas, Southwestern University)
     Kaleidoscope Painter    
     Kaleidoscope Applet (Clark University)

   Math and Music

      The Music of Numbers
      The Mathematics of Mozart's Music 
      Harmony and Proportion
      Operas by Philip Glass (Galileo Galilei, and Kepler)

  History of Math

   The Mac-Tutor History of Math Archives (University of St. Andrews)
   Biographies of Women in Mathematics (Agnes Scott College)
   Changing the Curve: Women in Computing (Berkeley School of Information)
   Vintage Calculators
   History of  Math Symbols and Math Terms
   The Mathematics Genealogy Project (North Dakota State University)
   SANGAKU, Japanese Ancient Temple Geometry
   Historical Math Monographs (Cornell University)

  puzzle     Math Puzzles and Games  

    The Game of Life (by John Conway)
    Mathematical Puzzles (Wikipedia)
    WolframAlpha - Mathematical Games
    Lee Stemkoski's Mathematrix (Adelphi University)
    Sam Loyd's 1914 Cyclopedia of 5000 Puzzles
    Kakuro Online

  pi    Weird and Wonderful Numbers

     Eve Andersson's Pi Land
     The Joy of Pi Internet Links
     Pascal Triangle
     Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section (Surrey University)
     Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
     Inverse Symbolic Calculator (Simon Fraser University)
     Prime Numbers: Related Curiosities (Matthew Watkins)

image    100%  Proof

       What is a Proof? (MathWorld)
       Euclid's  Elements  (Clark University)
       Pythagorean Theorem and Its Many Proofs
       Godel's Incompleteness Theorem (North Carolina State University)
       The Four Color Theorem (MAA)

  fermat    Famous Math Problems

    Simon Singh - Fermat's Last Theorem
    Fermat's Last Theorem: Nova Online - The Proof
    The  Poincare Conjecture Proved - Science Magazine
    The Poincare Conjecture: Manifold Destiny - The New Yorker
    Millennium Prize Problems (Clay Mathematics Institute)
    Hilbert's Famous Problems
Other Math Applications

    Math Modeling in the Environment (University of Connecticut)
    Cryptography: Nova Online - Decoding Nazi Secrets
    Bio Math: The Human Genome Puzzle (+Plus Magazine)
    Statistics: Gallery of Data Visualization (York University)
    Stuff in the Air: Mathematics in Meteorology

Careers in Math

  Careers in Mathematics by AMS
                           (AMS: American Mathematical Society)
  Careers in Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences  by SIAM
                           (SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)
  Careers in Mathematics by AWM
                            (AWM: Association for Women in Mathematics)
  Careers in Mathematics by MAA
                            (MAA: Mathematical Association of America)

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