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Math 2110 - Fall 2017

Instructor: Jeffrey Connors
E-mail: jeffrey.connors@uconn.edu
Office: ACD 114C
Office hours: M,W 3:15-4:15 PM, or just drop by anytime to see if I am available, or e-mail me to make an appointment.

Class time and room: M,W 1:25 - 3:05 PM in ACD 207.
Text: Calculus, 8th Edition by Stewart. UConn has a custom edition, but it may be possible to use other editions. You will need to have WebAssign access (you purchase an access code), which comes with the version in the bookstore. But you can always contact WebAssign/Cengage to discuss things case-by-case.

The multivariable calculus course extends many of the techniques developed in the first two semesters of calculus to multiple dimensions, which is needed to model real-world phenomena. Some examples are vectors, rates of change in different directions, and integration along a path, over a surface or volume. A complete list of topics is shown in the schedule below.


Class notes: Slides will be available online to download freely, well in advance of the scheduled lectures (links appear below). Class time should NOT be spent transcribing the slide contents into your personal notes. Minimal note taking should be required; please do so in a way that does not require everyone to always wait for you to catch up!

Homework: Homework will be assigned for each lecture. We will use the WebAssign system: www.webassign.net. Homeworks are intended to help prepare you for specific exams. All homework pertaining to a certain exam is due at the start of that exam. Late homework therefore fails to achieve the purpose of helping to prepare you for the exam, and is not accepted under any circumstances.

Worksheets: These will be administered most classes and will be related to the material covered during the previous lecture. They may be worked individually or in groups, but there is a time limit. The answers are covered in class with open discussion, but they are collected for credit to ensure serious participation and to provide comments, if applicable. No worksheet grades will be dropped. There will be no make-ups without receiving permission prior to the start of class.

Calculators: The use of calculators will not be permitted on exams. Calculators may be used on homework and worksheets.

Grading policy: The course grade consists of four equally-weighted parts: CG = 0.25*(A+B+C+D), where A, B, C and D are the chapter grades . Essentially, grade A corresponds to the book chapters 12 and 13. Grades B, C and D correspond to book chapters 14, 15 and 16, respectively. Not all of the material in the chapters is covered (see below). Each chapter grade is independently calculated two ways, as shown below, and taken to be the best of the two results:

Grading scheme 1:
Homework  20%
Worksheets  5%
Exam  75%

Grading scheme 2:
Homework  0%
Worksheets  0%
Exam  100%

The exam for the fourth chapter grade is the ``final exam'', but this is treated no differently from the other exams aside from being scheduled as described below. Make-up exams will only be available with permission granted prior to the start of the exam. There must be extenuating circumstances to receive permission for a make-up exam.

Final exam: Wednesday, Dec. 13 from 1 PM - 3 PM in ACD 207 (usual room).

Date    Book SectionsTopicsNotes
Aug. 28     12.1     3D coordinates, vectors         
Aug. 30     12.2-12.3     Vectors and dot products         Worksheet         
Sept. 4         Labor Day - no class
Sept. 6      12.4-12.5     Cross products, lines, planes         Worksheet         
Sept. 11     12.6, 13.1     Surfaces, vector functions         Worksheet         
Sept. 13     13.2, 13.3     Derivatives, integrals, arc length, curvature         Worksheet         
Sept. 18     13.3, 13.4     Arc length, curvature, velocity, acceleration         Worksheet         
Sept. 20     12.1-13.4     Review for Exam 1         Worksheet         
Sept. 25                   Exam 1        
Sept. 27     14.1-14.2     Functions, limits and continuity         
Oct. 2     14.3, 14.4     Partial derivatives, linear approximations         Worksheet         
Oct. 4     14.5, 14.6     Chain Rule, directional derivatives         Worksheet         
Oct. 9     14.7, 14.8     Maxima and minima, Lagrange multipliers         Worksheet         
Oct. 11     14.1-14.8     Review for Exam 2         Worksheet         
Oct. 16                   Exam 2        
Oct. 18     15.1, 15.2     Double integrals, Fubini's Theorem                 
Oct. 23     15.3, 15.4     Other regions of integration         Worksheet         
Oct. 25     15.5, 15.6     Applications of double integrals         Worksheet         
Oct. 30     15.7, 15.8     Triple integrals         Worksheet         
Nov. 1     15.9, 15.10     Spherical coordinates, change of variables         Worksheet         
Nov. 6     CH. 15     Review for Exam 3         Worksheet         
Nov. 8                  Exam 3        
Nov. 13     16.1, 16.2     Vector fields, line integration        
Nov. 15     16.3, 16.4     Line integrals, Green's Theorem         Worksheet         
Nov. 20         Thanksgiving break - no class
Nov. 22         Thanksgiving break - no class
Nov. 27     16.5, 16.6     Curl, divergence, parametric surfaces         Worksheet         
Nov. 29     16.7, 16.8     Surface integrals, Stoke's Theorem         Worksheet         
Dec. 4     16.8, 16.9     Stoke's and Divergence Theorems         Worksheet         
Dec. 6     All     Review for final exam         Worksheet         
Dec. 13     FINAL EXAM