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Tom Roby's HONORS Math 2210Q Home Page (Fall 2009) Applied Linear Algebra

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Class Information

HONORS CONVERSIONS: If you would like to do an honors conversion for this course, please talk to me after class. Then send me an email with your PeopleSoft ID by Wednesday of week 3. I will handle all the paperwork so you don't need to individually.

Unfortunately, I have very limited time to work with you. My plate is already overfull with other teaching duties beyond my load, including an FYE course and a graduate seminar; I'm also doing a reading course for a graduate student. I hope that you will work together to help one another, and email me or ask questions after class only when you are truly stuck.

TEXT: David C. Lay: Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 3rd Ed. Update, Chapters 8-9 (available as pdf files by emailing me.)

REQUIREMENTS: To successfully complete the Honors portion of this class you must read the additional sections listed in the table below, and complete all of the odd-numbered HW problems from that section. I may also select a few more involved exercises from among the evens. Please turn these in by the deadlines indicated. The purpose here is to spread the workload out throughout the semester, rather than forcing you to do all of this near the end.

GRADING: Your grade will be based on two midterm exams, a final exam, homework, and quizzes, with a slightly different weighting. If your work on the Honors HW is less than a B, you will not receive honors credit for this course.

The breakdown of points is:

Midterms Final Quizzes Homework Honors HW
20% each 20% 20% 10% 10%

SCHEDULE: The following is the tentative schedule for sections you are to read, understand, and complete the HW for.

Section Date DUE Topics
§1.10 9/29 T Linear Models in Business, Science & Eng.
§2.6 10/6 T Leontief Input-Output Model
§2.7 10/15 R Computer Graphics
§8.1 10/22 R Affine Combinations
§8.2 10/29 R Affine Independence
§8.3 11/5 R Convex Combinations
§8.4 11/12 R Hyperplanes
§8.5 11/19 R Polytopes
§8.6 12/3 R Curves & Surfaces
§9.1 12/10 R Matrix Games

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