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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Theory, methodology, and practical experience in the teaching of mathematics and computer science at the university level. Includes discussion of lecturing techniques, analysis of tests and supporting material, preparation and grading of examinations, and related topics. Required of departmental teaching associates.

LEARNING GOALS: The major goal is to gain the meta skills necessary to improve your teaching of mathematics and CS. Instead of merely helping you improve during the seminar, we hope you come away from this seminar with skills that will allow you to improve faster. Specifically:

COORDINATES: Classes meet Wed 2:40--3:50 in North Science 336.

TEXT: (1) W.J. McKeachie et al. McKeachie's Teaching Tips Houghton-Mifflin, 2002.

WEB RESOURCES: This course has a blackboard homepage. with a discussion forum that We strongly encourage you to use. Your participation grade will be partly based on the number of useful messages you contribute. Go to blackboard at http://bb3.csuhayward.edu/ For help with blackboard email the ICS Help Desk at helpdesk@csuhayward.edu or call them at (510) 885-HELP. http://seki.csuhayward.edu/6005.html will be my Math/CS 6005 homepage. It will include a copy of the syllabus and list of homework assignments. We will keep this updated throughout the quarter.

ATTENDANCE: Those who have an excused reason for missing class may substitute either a (1) two page paper on the topic of the week or (b) attend a Faculty Development Workshop. Anyone who has more than 3 unexcused absences will not receive credit for the class.

GRADING: Your grade will be based largely on your written work, mostly short papers that create traces of your teaching or that of others. We also expect you to keep a porfolio (see below) of this course and your current class. Attendance and participation will also count. Anyone with more than 3 unexcused absences will not receive credit for the course. There will be no exams.

ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: Plagiarism or academic dishonesty will result in a zero on the assignment and the submission of an Academic Dishonesty Report. (For a definition, see http://www.csuhayward.edu/ecat/20032004/i-120grading.html or the Catalog.)

LEARNING: The only way to learn to teach is by doing it! Complete each assignment to the best of your ability, and get help when you are confused. Come to class prepared with questions. Don't hesitate to seek feedback and help from others. Sometimes the point of view of someone who has recently experienced something similar can be the most helpful.

DISABILITIES If you have a documented disability and wish to discuss academic accommodations, or if you would need assistance in the event of an emergency, please contact me as soon as possible.

PARTICIPATION: We expect you to generally show up prepared for class and willing to work.

PORTFOLIO: Please organize your work neatly in some sort of binder (e.g., 3-ring), so that you can refer to all your classnotes, homework assignments, and other traces you collect about your teaching. reading. We will check them at the end of the term. This will not only help you during the class, but also later when you want to recall something you learned but can't quite remember.

Class Date Topics Homework Due
9/23 W The First Day Your own syllabus 1/3 F
10/1 W Introductions; Giving and receiving feedback Feedback practice 1/10 F
10/8 W Using Blackboard (Bernie Salvador) 10/15 W
10/15 W
10/22 W
10/29 W
11/5 W
11/12 W
11/19 W ilson
11/26 W .

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