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Extra Stuff

I am happy to sign with anyone on campus for practice or socialization during lunch or for coffee or something. Feel free to reach out or visit my office.

I highly recommend the website Lifeprint for ASL study and practice. The name is really bad, but it's a great site and I can confirm that the creator Dr. Bill Vicars is bona-fide fluent. Not all ASL education sites / YouTube videos are made by fluent signers, so watch out. For daily news in ASL I recommend The Daily Moth, I think he is good for intermediate ASL students; a natural but calm pace and a very clear signer.

I love traditional card games as well as the history of such games and playing cards themselves. If your home area or family play an interesting game I would like to know about it. I mostly enjoy trick-taking games, particularly the general family of Ace-Ten games. Feel free to visit or reach out to play any game, including my top favorites:

If you play Go (aka Baduk or Weiqi) I love to play and have a set at my desk. Ask for a game if you'd like. My favorite player is Cho Chikun.

(Update Nov. 2018: I still like the game but have not played regularly for a while and am very rusty.) (Update Jan. 2021: I took the game up again.)

I highly recommend Paul's Online Notes for reviewing all fundamental undergraduate math concepts (algebra through multivariable calculus).

Deaf-related talks, panels et cetera: