Christopher Hayes

I am a sixth year PhD student at UConn. I'll make this website more attractive eventually...


Email: (Here is a poem I wrote to help you remember my email address.)

Office: My desk is in MONT 413.

Office Hours: None

Education: MA Mathematics, The George Washington University & BS Mathematics, Gallaudet University

Research Interests: I am studying analysis on fractals. My advisor is Luke Rogers. For my master's I mostly studied knot theory and some computability theory. I am also interested in mathematics education, particularly the education of deaf students. Outside of math I like linguistics, economics, and history.


Summer / Fall 2021: I am not teaching.

Previously Taught

Note: For some courses, the stated course title may not necessarily be the official course title. Courses where I was a discussion section TA are labeled (Recitation).

Mathematical talks, et cetera:

*There is a mistake on the second slide. The Mandelbrot set is not technically a Julia set. Also, the contraction ratio for the octacarpet is actually 1 - 1/Sqrt[2].
Here I keep less important information and personal stuff.