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AMS Special Session on Regularity of PDEs on Rough Domains

Spring Eastern Sectional Meeting, April 21 - 22, 2018, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

The aim of this session is to focus on regularity of elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations on rough domains. In particular, we hope to focus on problems involving solvability of the second and higher order elliptic differential equations and systems in non-smooth media, free boundary problems, harmonic/elliptic/non-linear elliptic measures, analysis and PDEs on uniformly rectifiable sets, harmonic measure, regularity of free boundaries. Our hope to share the recent developments in this area by bringing together mathematicians from different specialties whose work involves PDEs, harmonic analysis, and Geometric measure theory. We hope to particularly focus on graduate students and early career mathematicians in order to help to start future collaborations that will renew and refresh research in this fundamental area of analysis and PDEs.

Organizers: Murat Akman (murat.akman"at" uconn.edu) -- Max Engelstein (maxe "at" mit.edu). The official link to the AMS web-page for our session is here.

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Session Photo
Photo Credit: Michael Albanese